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Thanksgiving Letter to St. Mark’s 2017

by St. Mark's Church

The Fall is now pressing upon us and there is beauty all around. Our news has lately been full of disasters through fire, earthquake and storm. We pray for those who are encountering trouble and reach out to help as we are able. These things are a sobering reminder of how blessed we are in the Lord…

“Pilgrimage As Our Spiritual Journey” Seminar – Oct. 14, 2017

by St. Mark's Church

“Pilgrimage As Our Spiritual Journey” A Seminar at St. Mark’s Ocean Park With Rev. Lynne McNaughton Saturday, October 14th, 2017 Travel is a metaphor for our being. Since time immemorial, people have journeyed to places that have special associations with the Sacred in order to explore, deepen, re-kindle their own faith. Often such pilgrims travelled […]