We welcome you to our church for our
in-person Worship Services on
Sunday at 8 am & 10 am and Wednesday at 10 am

Sept 25, 2023 - 7:00 pm Induction Service
Induction of Reverend David Taylor as Rector of the Parish of St Mark Ocean Park

To download a Bulletin for the 7:00 pm Monday Sep 25 2023 Induction Service to welcome our new Rector, Reverend David Taylor, please click HERE.

To download a Bulletin for the 10:00 am Sunday Oct 1 2023 Eucharist Service please click HERE.

Family, Youth, and Children

In-Person Sunday School - Sundays at 10 am
Children - Preschool to Grade 7
In-Person Youth Group
Junior Youth - Grades 5-7 - Fridays at 4 pm
Senior Youth - Grades 8-12 - Fridays at 7 pm
and Sundays at 10 am

Click below to watch our Family, Youth and Children video for Sunday Sept 24, 2023. In the Gospel of St In the Gospel of Matthew 20: 1-16, we listen to Jesus tell the parable of the generous vineyard owner. To play the game, look for the text below the video when it runs on YouTube".