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Seniors Update – July 21, 2014

by Senior's Ministry

View the latest information on upcoming activities. Seniors also meet every other Wednesday beginning Jan. 8, 2014, in the Family Room for games or the Library for conversation from 1-2:30pm and tea and refreshments following until 3:30pm.

Following the Footsteps of Paul in Corinth

by craigtanksley

We are sitting in a Greek restaurant overlooking the ruins of the ancient city of Corinth. Perhaps you’ve seen a program on television called “Property Brothers”? These two brothers help buyers purchase rundown tired and inadequate houses that they will transform into dream homes. There is a moment in the program where they run a computer software that magically takes an empty space and fills it in with decor of beauty and grace. This is the process one needs to engage with your imagination…

Following the Footsteps of Paul to Corinth: Hard Travel

by craigtanksley

Sometimes travel can be hard. We have nearly accomplished our most difficult link in this journey. We left our pensione in Naples on foot, lugging our backpacks to catch the metro to the train station. There were many stairs to negotiate. Holly and I are both carrying quite a bit of weight despite our best efforts to travel light. Climbing with a backpack is tiring…