St Mark Ocean Park – 2023 Parish Council and other appointments

Betty Ann Bainbridge – Lay Synod Delegate
Raylene Brooks – Member at Large
Isabel Chernoff – People’s Warden
Barbara Carington Smith – Rector’s Warden
Mark Davies – Alternate Lay Synod Delegate
Judith Hardman – Member at Large
Max Hardman – Youth Synod Delegate
Leslie Ann Hebb – Member at Large
Heather Higginson – Recording Secretary
Brenda Horner – Lay Synod Delegate
Lauren MacPherson – Lay Synod Delegate
Massimo Savino – Associate Warden
Reverend David Taylor – Rector
Phil Tubbs – Alternate Lay Synod Delegate
Jonathan Yao – Alternate Lay Synod Delegate
Treasurer – to be appointed – Barbara Carington Smith will temporarily fill this role
Alternate Youth Synod Delegate – vacant

Barbara Carington Smith
Isabel Chernoff
Michael Klaver
Alan Marsh
Ken Miles
Massimo Savino
Reverend David Taylor

Brenda Horner – Donations Secretary
Betty Ann Bainbridge – Screening-In-Faith Coordinator