Security statement regarding the St Mark’s BC website (

It’s come to our attention that the security of our website is vulnerable at present.
We have discovered 2 security holes that have the potential to identify any visitor to the site.
We are working on fixes for these and other security issues.

What does this mean to you as a parishioner? 

“Can I donate to the church in some other way?”

In the past we have relied on various ways to donate to the church, and we have been expanding online options to donate through our donations page.

However, at present we ask that people please contact the Office at St Mark’s to arrange an in-person meeting.

What about e-transfers?

Please note, e-transfers via Interac that are started outside of this website are totally OK.

Interac e-transfers rely on the use of sender and recipient both having Canada-based / Canada-accessible email addresses, and as the resulting transaction is not done from the church website or donations page you can proceed as usual without changes.

If you have used this page in the past, and would like to donate again, please contact the Office at St Mark’s by telephone or email.

We will book a time to appear in-person and meet with someone qualified to help you.

We understand this is inconvenient and are working to restore the site to online safety as quickly as we can.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you everyone for your support of St Mark Ocean Park Anglican Church and the ministries we carry out in our church and in our community.

FOUR WAYS TO DONATE: – tax deductible receipts are available for donations

1) Cheques may be placed on the collection plate during our Sunday services, mailed to or dropped off at the St Mark office.

2) Our Pre-Authorized Donations (PAD) program.
To download a brochure to explain how to to sign up for the PAD program please click HERE.
To download a document with information and answers about PAD please click HERE.

3) E-Transfer from your bank (see below) or

4) Our Electronic Donation Station (EDS) (see below)

To download instructions to donate using E-Transfer or our Electronic Donation Station please click HERE.