“My house shall be called the house of prayer.” Matthew 21:13 

For more information or to get in touch with the contact person for one of our prayer ministries, please contact the church office.

Contemplative Prayer Meeting

On the second and fourth Sunday evenings each month at 7PM a one hour contemplative prayer meeting is held in the Family Room.   In the week prior to the meeting, a meditation is sent out for participants to read through and think about, and that forms the nucleus of the evenings discussion and 20 minute silent prayer focus.  All are welcome to join this gathering.

Prayer Shield Pre-Service Prayer

The concept of prayer protection during specific events is Biblical and long standing in Christian tradition. One of the most vulnerable times for organizations and individuals is during decision-making. Those with experience know adverse spiritual forces may come into play. St. Mark’s supports a “prayer shield” before worship services, also during administrative meetings, and at other times as appropriate.

Intercessory Prayer Team

Intercessory prayers, often called “Prayers of the People” are held during the Sunday morning services, and on other days where a “Morning Prayer” or Communion Service” is held. In order to accommodate these requirements, St Mark’s has a team of people who volunteer for this important role. They lead the congregation in the Anglican liturgy of petition for current events, for the Queen, the Canadian government; The Anglican Church of Canada and its Primate; our Diocese and our Bishop; our Clergy and other leaders; and ongoing prayers for requested individuals.

Prayer Chain

Our Prayer Chain is a network of volunteers who pray, in their own way, place and time, for the physical, emotional and spiritual concerns of our parish and individual parishioners. Prayers are received in person, by telephone or by e-mail. Confidentiality is maintained at all times. To add your prayer requests, please contact the church office or see the Parish Pulse for the current coordinator.

Prayers on behalf of others is an honour and a privilege and we are encouraged by hearing God’s response to our petitions when we update the prayer requests. We welcome and support volunteers who feel called to join this ministry of service.

Prayer Teams During Sunday Services

Since May 1997 there have been two Prayer Teams consisting of two parishioners each stationed on the left and right hand side of the Sanctuary during the 10:00 am Holy Communion Service. Over this period our faithful Lord has moved mightily through the awesome power of prayer in Jesus’ name as we have lifted up children, youth, adults and the elderly before the Throne of Grace.

Wondrous miracles have been wrought by the Hand of God, and loved ones brought to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus. Not everyone is healed but we know from the Holy Word that our Precious Lord is always with us in the trials and challenges of life (Matthew 28:20).

New members are always welcome to join us in this anointed outreach in our Parish.

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls have been documented since Biblical days and are now considered a representation of peace and comfort in Anglican Churches around the world.

Our handcrafted shawls, made with prayer as primary focus, are of simple design and blessed upon completion. They are given without expectation or payment to those who are ill, grieving, or stressed. We hope they bring peace and comfort to the wearers to know they have been prayed for by others.

We meet monthly at St. Mark’s and welcome new members.