The Vision of the Journey of Christmas

John Reader, a member of St. Mark’s had a vision: to present the true Christmas story in a series of tableaux, complete with theatre lighting and accompanying narrative. He proposed his idea to the St. Mark’s Men’s Club in late 1998, which embraced the idea.

The year 1999 was spent planning, designing and constructing to bring the idea to fruition. By Christmas, St. Mark’s was ready and the public was invited to share in the true meaning of Christmas. The response was overwhelming and there were many requests for an annual Journey.

Integral to the Journey was the help of the late Linda Bergwall, a graphic artist and fashion designer from New York. Her conceptual designs were transformed in reality by means of a heartwarming display of inter-church support. Five of the scenes were painted by children from:

Cloverdale Catholic School
Heritage Christian School
St. Bernadette Catholic School
Star of the Sea Catholic School
White Rock Christian Academy

St. Mark’s parishioners of all ages contributed to developing the figures, costumes, construction, lighting, electronics, narration, remaining backdrops and the many various tasks required to orchestrate the Journey of Christmas. It is our annual gift to the Community and each year there are approximately 1,000 visitors.

The Journey of Christmas

Matthew and Luke, two Gospel writers, record the birth of Jesus.  Their Gospels are found in the New Testament portion of the Bible.  John, also a Gospel writer, records a theological view about Jesus.

Christ’s angel foretold the birth of John the Baptist
Humbly, Mary accepts the news of Jesus’ birth
Redemption arrives with the birth of Jesus
In the fields, shepherds are awed by the appearance of angels
Simeon and Anna are at the temple
The Magi meet Herod and want to worship Jesus
Mary and Joseph escape with Jesus to Egypt
All the children under two years old are murdered in Nazareth
Safely, Mary and Joseph return to Nazareth with Jesus

The Journey of Christmas presents 9 tableaux theatres, each with costumed figures and a narration of the events for each of the above CHRISTMAS events.