Today was devoted to exploring Petra, where we discussed the mysteries of the Nabataean traders and their strategic location along the silk and spice trade routes between the east and west.  We entered the city through the Siq, a narrow slit in the mountains, with walls towering 80 meters on each side.  We spent the whole day walking around the twists and turns of this magnificent gorge city, including the infamous Treasury tomb from the first century.

Ready for Petra

At the mouth of the Siq

In the Siq

Part of their amazing water system

Shari in front of the ‘Treasury’

Group photo in front of the treasury

How do you get to ‘the Monastery’?

Well, you can ride a donkey up the 900+ steps!

Royal tomb turned Byzantine church

The gate

Local denizen

There are many children, young adults, parents,and grand parents working here. Approximately 30% of the children here do not attend school but work with their families in order to earn money.   Only the families who were displaced from Petra by the Jordan government in 1986 are allowed to work in the archeological site.

Kathy and Louise in their chariot through the Siq

Steve and Pam in the Byzantine church – beautiful mosaics

In Siq – a carving of a camel caravan – coming from the Silk Road

First sight of the Treasury

Shari aboard!