Jewish men praying at the Western Wall

Via Dolorosa – Muslim Quarter as we emerge from the Temple tunnels

On top of the Temple Mount – we feel secure!

Dome of the Rock

Waiting in line to go up to the Temple Mount

Rev. Craig on the Temple Mount

David teaching in the tunnels that run adjacent to the Temple

Western Wall

Praying at the Western Wall

At the Western Wall – the Torah Scrolls

Sitting on the steps at the south wall of the Temple – steps where Jesus actually walked!

Thursday is Bar-Mitzvah Day

Meeting Levya – our travel agent at Christ Church

“This has been the most amazing trip ever!  Some of the highlights for me was the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, prayed at wailing wall, and sat on the original stone steps of the first century that exit the temple where Jesus worshiped and sat and taught.  Hi to everyone back home.  Starting week two!  It is lovely staying at Christ Church.” ~ Shari Dickinson

“We’ve had another very full day as we left the hostel at 7:15 and walked and walked and walked both above and underground. Our first stop was Temple Mount and we quickly realized that our early start was paying off because the lines lengthened quickly behind us. Up on the Temple Mount we saw where the building used to stand where Jesus objected to the corruption of the priests as well as Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock. We then walked down to the portion of the Western Wall that is above ground level and next went underground into tunnels that go 480 meters along the Western Wall under the Muslim Quarter. This lets you see much more of the original wall and the fine stone work that King Herod told his stone masons to build.
Back above ground, we walked over to the Archaelogical Park where the bottom 3 photos were taken. The highlight for me was actually standing on the original steps where Jesus walked when he came to Jerusalem and walked up to the temple.
After that the rain began to pour down and we headed into Holy Bagel for lunch (the bagels were yummy!). The day was finished with another trip underground (under a modern apartment complex) where we saw the elaborate homes of the Sadducees or Jewish priests which were uncovered by archaeologists in the 1970s.” ~ John and Louise Ritchie

Temple blocks thrown down by Roman soldiers in AD 70 when they destroyed the Temple

Overview of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall

Tunnel along the Western Wall showing fine stone work commissioned by King Herod