Today we explored Northern Israel, one of the most beautiful regions of the country. We seek to understand what the Jewish people of 2,000 years ago expected of the Messiah, and how that was fulfilled in Jesus. We began by climbing up to the magnificent Golan Heights. We visited a reconstructed Talmudic village at Katzrin, where we took another close look at life in New Testament times and the use of everyday imagery in Scripture. Next we travelled along the lower slopes of Mount Hermon – Israel’s highest mountain, and the most likely site of the Transfiguration. Our next stop was Caesarea Philippi, in the region where Peter made his famous confession that Jesus is the Messiah. Along the way we passed Druze Villages before coming to Mt. Bental, a lookout spot near the border with Syria and the area of the road to Damascus where the Apostle Paul met the Lord. Our final stop was the Dan Nature Reserve, where we saw the incredible archaeological remains of the OT city of Dan, including the city gate from the time of Abraham, and considered ancient Israel’s apostasy. We also enjoyed a pleasant walk by a stream and discussed the meaning of “living water” in the Hebrew Scriptures and Jesus’ teaching.

Morning at Katzrim Park. A first century Talmudic Jewish Village

Caesarea Philipi – remains of one of Herods temples

Nancy Tucker, Steve Bailey and Pamela McElheran

Nancy and Brian

Nancy and Shari

John and Louise at a bunker

Craig at a high altar

Mt Bental – site of 1967 war with Syria. Lookout to Syria and Lebanon

In the beautiful Dan Reserve – one of the largest Karstic springs in the Middle East, where 10% of Israel’s water comes from and home of the Old Testament city of Dan. This is where Jeroboam set up one of the golden calves (930 BC) and led the north of Israel into idolatry.

A moment of quiet bliss with the sound of rushing water…

City gate where King Ahab sat in judgement.

Gates of old Caananite city


Place of sacrifice – Dan