II Chronicles 16:34   “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good and his love endures forever.”

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dear St. Mark’s Family,

The Fall is now pressing upon us and there is beauty all around.  Our news has lately been full of disasters through fire, earthquake and storm.  We pray for those who are encountering trouble and reach out to help as we are able.  These things are a sobering reminder of how blessed we are in the Lord.  We have much to be thankful for.   So let me ask, are you thankful?  Do you wake up each day grateful for life and a new day that God has given you?

We recently connected on Instagram with one of our godsons, Elliot, who is a circus performer par excellence.  He has embarked upon a project where he is offering a video every day for one hundred days of juggling in all manner of ways and places.  It’s wonderful.  By the time you read this, he will have completed all one hundred days.  He is doing it for the shear joy of what God has made him able to do.  It is a tangible, visible, physical act of celebration.

What a difference it might make in us to offer what we can to God every day.  You and I may not be able juggle, but we can certainly give thanks.  Consider the possibility of starting each day with a grateful heart – with thanksgiving for the love and blessing that God has bestowed upon our lives.

There are some wonderful things coming this Fall;

• On Sunday October 1st we are celebrating the Feast of St. Francis with the blessings of our pets and animals.  Spread the word and bring your beloved friends to our 10AM Eucharist on that morning.
• October 8th is our Harvest/Thanksgiving celebration of worship.
• Saturday October 14th we are offering a half-day seminar titled, “Pilgrimage as Our Spiritual Journey.”  This half-day seminar will be led by Rev. Lynne McNaughton. Lynne is the Rector of St. Clemons, Lynne Valley and the Archdeacon of Capilano. She is always interested in accompanying people on their spiritual journeys. She has background in Celtic Spirituality, Christian mysticism, and Pilgrimage as a spiritual practice. Since 1997, she has led pilgrimages to Ireland, Great Britain and Europe.   There is no charge for this seminar which will start at 9AM with refreshments and finish at noon.  There will be a donation basket for the refreshments.  Please register in advance at hollybt58@gmail.com
• Sunday October 15th we will welcome Francis Gakuba  who is the country director for Embrace Rwanda.  One of our members, Barb Walks, recent returned from a month of mission with Embrace Rwanda.  We will welcome Francis as our guest speaker with some African style music and worship!

There is so much more to say than this space will allow so let me close by offering my prayers for you to have a marvellous season of Thanksgiving – filled will all of the goodness and blessing of God!

See you on Sunday,

Rev. Craig Tanksley