A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! And keeping your health and well-being in mind, we regret that we are cancelling the Jan. 4, 2017 get together at St. Marks due to the danger of falling on the treacherous walkways which exist everywhere!
If you know of anyone who was thinking of coming out, Please phone to inform them of the weather related cancellation.
We do pray that you all enjoyed the Christmas Season with loved ones and hope we shall have better weather in the future so that no more events need be cancelled.
We do have one event this month, the play at Surrey Arts Centre on January 15 at 4 p.m. with the bus leaving St. Marks at 2:45 p.m. I shall try to contact all those attending to insure you are able to get to the church.
In case you have heard that I am indisposed, I badly injured my right knee and am awaiting an orthopod’s interpretation of my MRI which will determine the next step in my recovery. I really do feel quite well.
Hope the year gets better for each of you with every passing day! Blessings to all!SUE INDRIDSON–604-531-4931–e-mail–sinder@shaw.ca

JANET CORMODE-604-531-9585–e-mail–acormode@shaw.ca