Change of heart

The Christian life is not static. Our souls are redeemed and equipped for motion. We are pilgrims making head way- not just towards heaven, but towards God. This journey is neither easy nor quick. We all struggle. Some find it easier to accept stagnation as the norm. We may even become adept at going through the motions of Christianity without making much progress.

For those who sense their souls have been in the same place too long or for the ones who are striding towards God, but feel alone – you are invited to meet every Sunday evening from Feb.14 – March 20 in the Family Room @ 7:00 pm. These Sundays in Lent offer an opportunity for spiritual reflection – a time to turn our hearts towards God.

We will gather for silent prayer, mutual encouragement and in the hope of this grace; God will provide the very thing we seek. Join us during Lent – it’s time for a “Change of Heart.”

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