About the Conference

We are very privileged to welcome Rev. Canon Roger Simpson for the weekend of March 14 and 15.

Roger is the Arch-Bishop of York’s appointed Evangelist to Northern England.  He will be with us at St. Marks on the weekend of Saturday 14 and 15 for a conference titled,  In Footsteps of Giants, Walking the Way of Mission with Moses – Availability; Jesus – Taking Opportunities; Paul – Prayer; Timothy – Persistence.

Saturday begins at 9:30AM with muffins and coffee and will include a light lunch finishing the day at 3:30PM.


Registration for this day is only $15! Please register for the conference by sending an email to cathfeatherstone@aim.com or calling Catherine Featherstone at (604) 897-9597.

About Rev. Canon Roger Simpson

679248Canon Roger Simpson is the Archbishop’s appointed evangelist to the North of England.   He did his curacy at All Souls with John Stott from 1979-85.  He took a team of people into a dying church in Edinburgh called St Paul’s and St George’s.  In five years, by Gods grace, that church grew from the original 20 people who were left to over 800!He moved to Canada in 95 to serve as the Rector of Holy Trinity, Vancouver where I was on staff with him as a Pastoral Associate.  While there  we planned and hosted the first Alpha Conference which launched the Alpha program across Canada.  A group from St. Marks attended that conference and came back inspired to start Alpha here and many wonderful things came out of that program!Roger further developed a Business Alpha downtown and became a regular preacher with Harry Robinson at Faith in the City which took place at Cathedral.  He conducted missions at UBC, Magill university Montreal, New Brunswick,(Stone Church)  as well as the University of Victoria.Roger was here at St. Marks for a weekend of ministry during that time.His time at Holy Trinity saw wonderful fruit as the church grew.  I remember one Easter service with over 500 people!He left Holy Trinity in 99 to return to England and become the Vicar of St Michael le Belfrey in York, a  large multi-site Anglican charismatic Evangelical church of about 900 people.   A very famous vicar by the name of David Watson was there in the 70’s and it became a great centre of charismatic of renewal.  During his ministry at St. Michael’s several new congregations were started and their cell group ministry grew from 21-75.He has been the archbishop s evangelist since 2013, helping to run missions, teaching evangelism in Universities, towns, cities and villages all across the North. ( Liverpool, Sunderland, middlesborough, Coventry, Newcastle, Bradford, Hull, York etc ).

He is a great guy, an inspirational speaker and a true servant of the Lord.  We are privileged to have him with us so come and spread the word!