What is the Youth Alpha Film Series?

Over 20 million people around the world have experienced the Alpha course, and interactive discussion series about the basics of Christianity. Our goal is to create safe a environment for students ages 12-18 explore the Christian faith by discussing life’s biggest questions. This exciting new film series takes the classic Youth Alpha material and brings it to life on screen through a series of twelve 25-minute episodes. Every episode has breaks for discussion, and shows a variety of youth and young adults from around the world speaking their minds about faith and God. This dynamic course was filmed just this past year in cities such as Jerusalem, Paris, London, New York and Vancouver.

Click here to watch the first episode and see what it’s all about!

When’s it happening?

The weekly sessions take place on Sundays at 10-11:30AM from January 19 and until April 13 in the Youth Room. There is no cost and no registration — feel free to join in at any time!

What’s each session look like?

Each session will begin with a casual breakfast and an icebreaker before diving into the video and discussion time. We have adult mentors who will be joining us throughout the weeks in order to help facilitate discussion and guide us on our journey of discovery:

January 19 – Life: Is This It?
January 26 – Jesus: Who Is He?
February 2 – Cross: Why Did Jesus Die?
February 9 – Faith: How Can I Have Faith?
February 23 – Prayer: Why and How Do I Pray?
March 2 – Word: Why and How Do I Read the Bible?
March 9 – Follow: How Does God Guide Us Into Full Life?
March 16 – Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?
March 23 – Filled: How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
March 30 – Evil: How Can I Resist Evil?
April 6 – Healing: Does God Heal Today?
April 13 – Church: What About Church and Telling Others?

It is recommended that participants attend as many sessions as possible to get the most out of this course, but there is no official registration as anyone is welcome at anytime. It is highly encouraged for youth to bring their friends along to discuss these important questions in a fun and safe environment.

Your prayers and support are appreciated! Please contact Josh (Youth Director) if you’d like to get involved or have any questions or comments.