Dear St. Mark’s Family,

Fall is upon us and it is a season of change. We see the changes in weather as the mornings become crispy cold. The colours change from green to glorious red, orange and gold. Life in our society shifts into high gear with the summer holidays now over, and we are back to work and back to school. All this, to my mind, is wonderful and part of the cycle of our lives. It is God’s provision that we can work and play and study.

As Thanksgiving approaches we have much to be thankful for. That is why we should keep God in the centre of our life and all of our activities. Over the centuries Christians have developed many ways of doing this. It helps to begin each day with a quiet time of reflection and prayer. A daily devotional can help you with this. Throughout the day you can carry on the conversation with God, through quick interior prayers so that you are interacting with God continually. The apostle Paul speaks of prayer without ceasing. Lunchtime might be an opportunity to read a good book that will challenge and encourage your faith. The discipline of Sabbath and regular attendance at church on Sundays and a bible study group can go a long way towards shaping us and keeping the fire of our faith burning. These simple practices will give us the strength and resource to cope with the changes in life and the added stress that they can bring. Overall, be thankful for the goodness, blessing and provision of God.

We have much to be thankful for this Fall at St. Mark’s in some recent and wonderful changes. In August God provided us with a new and capable Administrator in Sheila Johnston. She is bright, energetic and welcoming and has been working hard training under Leigh Peddle. Stop by the office and introduce yourself sometime. She will welcome you!

After a two year search God has given us a new Assistant Priest, Rev. Denise Doerksen. She comes to us with much experience, many gifts and a passion for ministry to families and Christian education. There is an invitation enclosed to the service celebrating a new ministry on Thursday, October 10 at 7:30 p.m., and it is a celebration indeed!

Let me encourage you to put on your calendar our annual Parish Conference, Friday. Nov. 1 to Sunday. Nov. 3. Back with us by popular demand is Archbishop Douglas Hambidge who will be teaching on his favourite topic, the ‘Abundance of God’ for our theme “What Are You Doing – For God’s Sake?”

My prayers are with you and those you love that God will give you all the grace you need to walk with Him in this season of change and to be thankful.

See you on Sunday,

Rev. Craig Tanksley