Reconciliation Walk

Early Sunday morning on September 22, 2013, several members of our St. Mark’s family set out for downtown Vancouver to represent our parish at the first annual Walk for Reconciliation. Conceived as a healing event in light of the legacy of Indian residential schools, the Walk for Reconciliation is a new way forward for the Anglican Church, First Nations peoples, and all Canadians.

Carrying the St. Mark’s banner throughout the 4km walk, Greg, Betty-Ann and Pat also enjoyed several presentations, including a keynote speech by Dr. Bernice A. King, and First nations music and art. Tens of thousands of people braved the rain to participate in this historic event (see news article).

About the Walk for Reconciliation

The Walk for Reconciliation is designed to transform and renew the very essence of relationships among Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians. It sounds so simple, but just the act of gathering and walking and sharing our stories can join us all in a shared commitment to creating a new way forward in our relationships with each other.

It’s time to move past apologies and politics and money.
It’s time to move forward.

Our future depends on being able to simply get along, respecting each other for the unique gifts we bring. The time is now to show our children, our neighbours and even other countries that Canada knows how to get it right.

Keynote Speech by Dr. Bernice A. King

Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was the keynote speaker at the Walk for Reconciliation on September 22, 2013. Dr. King’s visit marks the 50th anniversary of her father’s legendary “I Have a Dream” speech and a pivotal moment in the human rights movement. Watch her inspiring speech below.