Sep 26, 2021 – the Reverend Billy Isenor’s sermon during the service for St Mark Ocean Park Anglican Church.

To watch the sermon – you may start by reading the following two paragraphs of the sermon (which were not recorded). The rest of the sermon was recorded and may be seen by starting at the beginning of the video.

    Sermon on Baptism: A presence to the world

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost on the occasion of Easton and Emery’s baptism.

As you can see there are no surprises in the church. Front and center we have our baptismal font in the nave, holy chrism, and other items on the table and the Scott and Sarah who are prepared to make a commitment to God by having their children, Easton and Emery, baptized. On this subject, I would like to explore this sacrament as an action and presence that is meant to affect change within the individual person, the church, our neighbourhoods, and our world.

The sum of our creedal commitments that speak to our baptism is about a new relationship with God, with each other, and with the created world- by being cleansed of original sin and dying to our old ways in order to bear new life to the world with our presence. And our baptismal presence is meant to stir others to consider change, to consider the Gospel and to consider God’s justice.

The rest of the sermon may be viewed on the video.