Dear St Mark’s Ocean Park parishioners/supporters:

We are very pleased that we have been approved by the Diocese to hold a weekly 10 am Sunday Morning In-Person Worship Service beginning on August 2, 2020. Due to current Provincial Government regulations we may only have a total of 50 people attend our Sunday Morning worship service, including our minister, volunteers (e.g. sides people, ushers, server, readers, Prayers of the People leader, etc.) and our congregation.

For those people unable, or not comfortable yet, to attend the service, we will be streaming our Sunday morning service on our YouTube channel, beginning at 10 am. If all the seats available to attend the in-person worship are filled, you can watch the service online.

Everyone who wishes to attend our service in-person, needs to pre-register. If someone who hasn’t pre-registered comes to the church, they will be asked to wait outside until 10:00. If there is room at 10:00, they may attend the in-person service. If there are already 50 people attending, they will need to watch our streamed service at home.

There are two ways to pre-register to attend our service.

1) You may go online to the Eventbrite website and reserve a “ticket”. There is no cost for the tickets it is just our way of keeping track the numbers and who will be attending. As it’s first come, first served, please don’t wait too long to register. Here’s the link to Eventbrite for you to go to reserve a ticket online:

Click on these words to go to the Eventbrite Registration Page.

In the Eventbrite webpage that opens, find and click on the rectangular box with the words “Select A Date”. Then, register for the service you want to attend.

2) For those people who can’t use the Eventbrite website to register, we ask that you phone our office (on or before 11 am on Friday please) and reserve a seat. As it’s first come, first served, please don’t wait too long to phone. The office phone number is 604-535-8841. As soon as we reach 50 people who are pre-registered, we will close reservations.

Here are some important points you need to know when you pre-register to attend the In-Person Sunday morning worship service:

• You will need a ticket for each member of your household attending the service.

• You do not need to print or show your ticket(s) from your mobile phone but you need to check-in with the greeter at our church door when you arrive on Sunday morning, so your attendance can be recorded.

• We ask that you try to arrive prior to 9:45 am. Please enter through the Main doors from 20th Avenue, go into the narthex, then follow the arrow signs on the floor to go into the church. We are wheelchair accessible.

• Volunteers will explain which seats are available, to help ensure appropriate social distancing.

• People are strongly encouraged to wear masks. Please remember to bring yours.

• There will be some pre-recorded music, or live instrumental music, as part of the service, but unfortunately no congregation singing. We are unable to sing due to concerns about singing increasing the chance of spreading coronavirus.

• We are unable to offer Communion at this time.

• Everyone in the church will be a minimum of 2 metres apart (except those from the same households). The greeters will manage the queue to enter the church and will monitor for proper social distancing.

• The church will be completely sanitized prior to the service and afterwards.

• Hand sanitizer will be available at many stations throughout the church.

• People will leave the church promptly after the service via the south side doors (near the office area and stairs) to exit outside. (We are not encouraging socializing in the parking lot, however if you choose to do so please do not block the sidewalks or others who wish to social distance.)

• Only one washroom will be available, for emergencies only, so please use your own washroom just before you come to church.

• Please take your seat as soon as you enter the church, and stay in your seat until the service is over. For everyone’s safety and to ensure appropriate social distancing, walking around the church is not permitted (unless there is an emergency).

• We look forward to seeing those who are able to come to the said service of Morning Prayer.

As we mentioned above, if you aren’t able to attend our in-person service, you may continue to watch our service online, through our St Mark Ocean Park YouTube channel at:

Thank you so much for all support and your continuing prayers.  With your prayers, and by God’s continuing grace, we know that we can face any challenge together. God bless you all.